Protectli Vault 6 Port i7

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The Protectli Vault 6 Port is our recommended hardware for high demand and high throughput Althea and KeyLTE instances. The i7 Protectli is ideal as a gateway router, major relay router, and/or KeyLTE ENB host router. This hardware will easily saturate a 1 Gbps link while running Althea.

This small, compact, and fanless design easily fits on a shelf, or can also be VESA mounted or rackmounted (with 1U rackmount accessory, sold separately).

Note that this router does not have WIFI, but can be coupled with a WIFI Mesh system where needed. Also note that the port on the rear side is a serial port, not an Ethernet port, and cannot be used with Althea. The Protectli provides 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used in an Althea network. Each of these ports has an independent path, which allows for better routing options (as compared to cheaper routers that have an internal unmanaged switch as a means of adding more Ethernet ports).

The Protectli also has HDMI and USB connections, which can be useful for on-site troubleshooting (with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse) in situations where remote troubleshooting isn't an option.

  • Intel i7 8550U Quad Core with Hyperthreading (8 threads) at up to 4GHz (turbo boost)
  • 4 GB Dual DDR4 memory (up to 64GB supported)
  • 32 GB (or larger) SSD
  • mSATA and/or 2.5″ solid state drive support (up to 1 TB expansion capacity)
  • 6 Intel® Gigabit Ethernet NIC ports
  • AES-NI
  • Fanless and Silent
  • Included Power Supply, VESA mount kit, Serial Console Cable, Quick Start Guide, wire harness and bracket for internal 2.5″ SSD

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