Baicells Nova 227 ENB

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The Nova227 is a high performance outdoor micro base station with 2x250mW output power ideal for line-of-sight connectivity. Compact, lightweight, and easy to install, this microcell is ideal for serving tight clusters of users in campuses, RV parks, and MDUs.

This is also a very handy ENB for bench testing, because it is so small. It is one of the few LTE ENBs that are POE powered, so it doesn't require dedicated DC cabling, just standard Cat5e or Cat6 for both power and data.

This is a low gain ENB for short range deployments only. Easy to mount on a standard J-arm.

  • Integrated design of baseband and RF
  • Internal antenna, 65 degree 13.5 dBi
  • Standards-based international 3GPP TDD LTE technology that provides high-speed voice and data services. Supports a maximum transfer rate of DL: 110 Mbps, UL: 20 Mbps.
  • Flexible uplink and downlink time slot ratio: 2:2 and 1:3
  • Supports 10 MHz / 20 MHz operation bandwidth
  • Internal antenna and integrated GPS
  • PoE+ power supply; only one Ethernet cable required for data transmission and power supply
  • Security services to provide timely protection against potential security risks and illegal intrusion Convenient, simple, GUI-based local and Web management
  • LTE integration that quickly provides accurate coverage and improved network capacity
  • Intuitive network management functions for managing, monitoring, and maintaining operations